E-Service was established in 2020-1-15 and since that time E-Service has been completing and selling the electronic services needed by companies and establishments through its website. The company began to employ creative people, where everyone comes up with great ideas and the E-Service team works hard to develop the company and make it grow bigger and faster by studying the needs of markets and modern technologies and implementing high-quality strategies. Our company now has more than 50 service providers who work with us in several different fields. Which made us decide to create an electronic platform that manages the work within the company, and we were able to build the E-Service platform for electronic services and it was launched in 2022-17-12, which brings together service providers with companies and establishments in one place, making it easier for companies to access service providers faster. On the other hand, our creative team continues to develop its knowledge and constantly hone its skills to grow the company. Our team you are the soul of the company and the source of its strength, you are wonderful and creative and we are very proud of you.

E-Service is providing lot's of goverment srvices and General services by using the website here or by using our social medias.

Our Principles

Our motto is honesty, as well as transparency and clarity in our dealings with customers, which reflects an environment of mutual trust between the work team at ِE-Service and the user requester.

Our Vision

Excellence and quality in providing electronic services and developing easy ways to obtain the service through electronic communication channels at the lowest cost, effort and time.

Our Commitment

The work team at E-Service undertakes to carry out the tasks entrusted to it by the service requester in a short period and to deliver it to the client on time.