E-Service is an electronic platform that provides a variety of electronic services such as insurance services, public services, and government services for companies, establishments, and individuals, by requesting the service by creating a new project, and the electronic payment feature is also available through our website directly, and the E-Service platform ensures that the service reaches the customer with confidentiality and professionalism.

Here are some frequently asked questions by E-Service clients.

E- Service is a platform which offers a range of insurance, public and government services.

E-Service ensures that the customer completes his services professionally and in the utmost confidentiality

Details and service requirements are on our services page on our platform.

Unfortunately, you can't.  You can only browse the services, but you need to register on the platform first in order to request the service or add a project.

The wallet is like a personal account statement through which the user knows how much of his balance, how much he spent on purchasing services and how much he has left in his balance.

You can charge your wallet with an ATM range card or use the visa with ease

After you sign in, go direct to the service that want and press the purchase button, or go to your control panel, then go to "the icon of add a project "at the top of the page then add a project.

E-service platform is a mediator between the service applicant and the service provider, so it ensures that the customer receives his service to the fullest and in case the service provider does not complete the project properly, the customer's money is returned or transferred him to another provider in order to complete his service.

There is a qualified and specialized team by field, the team consist of institutions, offices and individuals with high experience in their field of specialties

The service provider is eligible for the amount after the service applicant has agreed to receive the service or project